Yeast Rolls and Biscuits

Hmmm…yeast rolls and biscuits. Yes, those are mouth-watering words. I remember growing up as a kid on the farm, where I awoke every morning to what we called “cat head” biscuits and gravy. Man, momma could make those biscuits! The…

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Weeping With Jeremiah

Jeremiah is called “the weeping” prophet. He like Isaiah prophesied in a day of great turmoil and backsliding. A day in which both the governmental system and the religious system had become so corrupt that God was having to send…

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Unfathomable Grace

Grace genuinely astounds me. The unmerited favor of God upon us all. Lost and saved. Obedient and disobedient. Grace is always offered without measure to anyone willing to receive it. It is truly amazing and reveals to us the equally…

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The subject of forgiveness is one which many people struggle with. There are always responses, questions, and alters flooded when you teach on the subject of needing to forgive someone for what they may have done to us. I understand…

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