Gray Hair in the Mirror

Growing older is meant to be a blessing. Proverbs says gray hair is a crown. That seems to be less respected in our day than ever before. Increasing technology and the fast pace of a changing culture seeks to make…

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I Refuse

There are many wonderful things in life that we are free to choose to have in abundance. Jesus is at the top of my list. The presence of the Holy Spirit is equal as He is the Spirit of Christ….

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Cheap Talk

There is a horrible disease running rampant in the body of Christ today. I’m still not exactly sure what to label it, but I see its symptoms in far too many of God’s people. It seems many have learned to…

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The Power of Our Perceptions

You see it your way, I see it mine. This is truth to me, that is truth to you. In this day and age of relativism and the rejection of any absolute truth, our perceptions tend to rule as the…

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Following Man?

Do we, as God’s people, follow other  men and movements? First let me say, “There is only ONE Man we are all to follow and allow to be LORD of our lives and that is Jesus.” Case closed right? Well,…

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