Don’t Change the Standard

Progressives in society are continually looking for ways to advance their agendas through the changing of social norms. To be honest, some things desperately need to be changed when it comes to righteous government for all people, racial and gender…

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Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The New Testament warns us that there would be great confusion in the last days. People would turn with itching ears to leaders that would say what they wanted to hear concerning God, His purposes and His ways. We are…

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Beyond Opinion

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me out loud or thought to themselves, “That’s just your opinion” right after I have preached a clear Word from the scriptures. There would be a considerable…

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Bent All Out of Shape!

“I’m just bent all out of shape.” I’ve said it in moments of frustration and you probably have as well. And, my guess is you have looked at others and declared, “Man, they are bent all out of shape!” because…

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Keep it Between the Lines

A dear friend of mine posted a scripture on Facebook today that caused a flood of spiritual thought to invade my mind. It is a relevant truth for every season of life and situation we may find ourselves in. It…

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The Apostolic

The mention of the words “apostle” or “apostolic” tend to evoke resistance from traditionally minded church folk. Even among those who believe the “apostolic” is being restored to the church today, there is a variety of opinions concerning function and/or…

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