Open Heavens

There was a time when the entire earth had an “open heaven” surrounding it. God had created the earth and declared it good. He created man in His image and gave him dominion over the earth. The earth belonged to…

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River Church

Yes, I’ll admit it, I’m still a dreamer at heart. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be having dreams on my death-bed, should Jesus tarry beyond my ordained length of days. I have dreams of what might be. Dreams of what…

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I Have a Dream

Those words take us back to one of the most powerful leaders this nation has ever seen. He never held a political office, or wore a soldier’s uniform, yet he shaped the destiny of millions of people and changed the…

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Church and the Kingdom

Let’s get beyond the “holy huddle” mentality! What would you think of a football team, let’s say a super team, an unbeatable dream team made up of the best of the best, both offensively and defensively, who never breaks from…

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