The Snake is IN the House

Writing a book is much like birthing a baby. There is the conception of ideas, their refining, writing and re-writing for clarity and hopefully proper interpretation. Then comes the literal labor required in actually getting it to print. This book…

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Refuse the Religious Treadmill

There are days I still have to do it. Refuse the religious treadmill that is. It seems to beckon me when I have momentary lapses of the knowledge of this wonderful thing called grace. Please don’t misunderstand me. The Christian…

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Confessions of an Ex-Control Freak

Perfectionist and control freaks make me crazy. I know because I used to be one and to this day must be on guard for the old habits seem to want to return at times. Perfectionist and control freaks make those…

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Time to Arise

I dare say most every Christian knows the account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It’s found in John chapter 11. It is a story filled with spiritual truths concerning God’s dealing with you and I, the ones He…

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A Year Later

I began blogging almost a year ago. I did so for several reasons. For one, many people had told me for years that I needed to write. Prophetic words were telling me that it was time to begin to write…

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I’m going to begin to write about something today of which I have first hand experience. It’s the subject of pastoral burnout. Next to the death of a family member or having a wayward child, I personally know of nothing…

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