Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The New Testament warns us that there would be great confusion in the last days. People would turn with itching ears to leaders that would say what they wanted to hear concerning God, His purposes and His ways. We are…

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The Remnant Shall Arise

One of the misconceptions in the Church today is that the promises of the OT were for only the OT people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The New Covenant finds its roots in the Old Covenant made with…

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Strange Fire?

To say there is no such thing as strange fire is to deny the fact of the fallen spiritual world around us. Satan and demons are real entities that presently exist, roaming planet earth and seeking to devour those who…

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Apostolic Church

I thought we would continue our theme as of late on the subject of the “apostolic” in today’s world. In a few days I’ll write more on the specific ministry of the apostle, but I can’t get this one out…

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Apostles and Prophets

Two of the five-fold ministry gifts are those of the apostle and prophet. These two gifts are hotly debated today in many church circles. The issues that arise with these two gifts gets complicated when there are so many opinions…

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The Apostolic

The mention of the words “apostle” or “apostolic” tend to evoke resistance from traditionally minded church folk. Even among those who believe the “apostolic” is being restored to the church today, there is a variety of opinions concerning function and/or…

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