River Church

River Church Roanoke is a young church plant that we are presently establishing in Roanoke Virginia. We are at this time meeting at the Holiday Inn, right beside the Tanglewood Mall. We are  in seed form and it is yet to be seen what the mature tree shall be.

River Church Roanoke is birthed from a desire to see the river of God’s Spirit released not just to this city, but to this region and beyond. We are tired of “church as usual” no matter how well done. We are looking to God not just for “revival”, but for a sustained move of His presence and power. We recognize there are other wonderful churches in the area and in no way oppose them nor seek to “steal sheep” from them. Likewise, we refuse a spiritual aloofness that we are or will be “better” than anyone else. I have come to realize through the years there is a sovereignty in God that determines who He raises up and sets down. Therefore no man nor church should “gloat” in any lofty position they seek or have obtained.

We seek first to evangelize the lost in this generation. We seek those who are lost in big homes with big bank accounts and those who are “hedge and highway” people living in seemingly hopeless conditions. EVERYONE needs Jesus and the ground at the foot of the cross is level. There are only two types of people in the world. Those who have Jesus and those who don’t. We are first and foremost after those who don’t.

We seek those who have been hurt and wounded by life and by the “church” and “church people”. This can be a difficult group to minister too, yet restoration is the plan of God for everyone’s life. Some folks have been hurt by their own sin and found little to no grace in the organized church to be restored properly. Other folks, while seeking after more of God, were told to “settle down”, “we don’t do that here”, and the list goes on and on. If this is you, we have a place for you to come, be healed up and released back into the purposes of God for your life.

We are seeking to raise up a church that is well equipped by the Spirit of God to meet the needs of a new generation of last days believers…young and raw in their faith…and believing again for an authenticity of Holy Spirit’s presence and power demonstrated in their midst.

We are seeking a people who hunger and thirst for more genuineness in Christian ministry. The true people of God have come to loath the “hollywood” style of ministry and manipulation that goes with it. While, at the same time, desiring the real thing in a modern package they can identify with.

…If any of these four things are you, YOU HAVE FOUND A HOME!

Check out our website at RiverChurchRoanoke.com

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