For those of who you who have been faithfully reading KIngdom Word Today for the first year of its beginning, this is a refreshing of what this blog ministry is to be about. Hopefully, we all are growing in the Lord and with that comes times of “transition” from one thing to another, one level to another, and even one assignment of the Lord to another.

The kingdom of God is not stagnant. God will not allow His people to get “comfortable” for too long in one place. Anything that has healthy life and breath is moving, changing, and becoming more like the finished product God intends in the Spirit. We are as Paul said to be going from one level of glory to another.

The emphasis of this blog will remain articles relating to the kingdom of God but I will now focus many of these articles to the moving of God’s Spirit in these last days. I have been watching and waiting for a genuine “revival” for many years now. I’ve seen mercy drops of the Holy Spirit moving in power over my life time…but none were “it”.

I see something coming upon the earth that has never been seen before in volume, since Jesus walked the earth.

Check out the Vision page for more.

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