The Perfect Christmas

It’s that time of year when Christmas lights have gone up. Christmas music and shows are on virtually every radio and television station. The stores have ‘holiday’ sales galore to entice us through their doors and to spend our money. In this day of blended families the stress level goes out the roof as to who will go where and when for Christmas celebrations. Those dealing with physical illness in their families or a loss of a loved one during the past year wonder how they are going to get through, “The most wonderful time of year.”

We all search for that perfect Christmas experience but the reality is, it rarely happens because life continues to happen regardless of the season or day.

Before you label me a Scrooge please read on.

If the perfect Christmas is defined by our or the world’s circumstances, there has never been one. Not even the first one.

An ostracized, nine month pregnant couple named Mary and Joseph traveled over seventy miles on a donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem because the government required it of them. They entered the town looking for a place for a woman in labor to stay. The only thing they could find was a dirty stable filled with animals and feed troughs. There is no mention of a midwife to help with the delivery, so a young couple alone and afraid delivered a newborn baby, wrapped him in the best rags they could find and placed him in a feed trough.

These are the circumstances of the first Christmas and yet that same night a star shined brightly over the place of His birth. Angels told shepherds there had been a king born and then all of heaven revealed itself as myriads of angels appeared and glorified the birth of this baby. Soon the stable was surrounded with onlookers filled with absolute amazement.

His name was Jesus, the Son of God. The Savior sent into the world to save us from our sin.

There may never be a ‘perfect’ Christmas for you and I if every circumstance has to fall into place perfectly. My heart goes out to those suffering, mourning, or displaced in this great big world we live in during this season. My family and I have been there and done that at various times in our lives. We are not foolish either. We know those times could and will come again.

If we are to have a perfect Christmas, we must look from heaven’s perspective. One not determined by the present circumstances but rather by the perfect will of God coming to pass. As Christians we celebrate a birth that literally changed the world. But not only that, we have the hope that this same King born that night is returning to once and for all fix all our difficult circumstances. A time when there will be no more death, disease, pain and sorrow.

From this perspective, every Christmas celebration is perfect.

May the true Spirit of the Christ of Christmas fill you with awe, wonder, and comfort this year.

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