No, God Didn’t!

God didn’t create us this way. No He didn’t! When God created mankind in the beginning man was innocent of sin and all it’s ugly fruit. There was no pride, no jealousy, no hatred, no lust, no anger, no murder, no disease, and no other evil thing in our heart.

Then deception came into the garden through the snake. The woman was deceived and fell into sin and Adam soon followed her in rebellion. Everything changed because the LORD had warned them that in the day they ate, they would die. And spiritually they did. All that was truly ‘good’ about them died. The image of God in which they were created was disfigured.

Mankind became sinful. He was not created this way.

This is the cardinal doctrine of original sin. Nothing else in the Bible makes sense when we take this critical teaching out of the fundamentals of our Christian faith. If God is holy, and He is, then to say He made us sinful is heretical at the least and near blasphemous at the worst.

The Old Testament spells out both sinful behavior and the absolute holiness of God. The law was given us to both define and expose sinful behavior in us and to reveal to us the original intent of man to be holy before Him. The penalty for this sin was again death, just as in the garden. Jesus then came and revealed even greater revelation in His teaching on an eternal afterlife that had either hell to pay or heaven to gain.

Only when a person repents of their sin and chooses to accept Jesus’ death burial and resurrection do they become born-again. At that moment they become new creations in Christ in their spirit man. The motivation to sin dies as it is crucified in Christ Jesus. (Romans 6) Temptation is still present. A wrestling with the remnants of our old flesh may still be there at times and we will have to deal with it. (Romans 7) However, obeying Jesus becomes priority and grace is always available to us if we are willing to confess sin and continually choose to put it away.

God did not make us prideful, arrogant, or rebellious people to His lordship over our lives. God did not make us power-hungry or money loving beasts. God did not make us lustful and perverted heterosexual, homosexual, or lesbian oriented people. Original sin did this to us. Only becoming truly born-again has the power to change us.

Yes, you and I were born with original sin dogging us. It may work its way out in our lives in different ways. After years of being in the ministry I have come to realize everyone has some type of slant to a particular sin that we must overcome through grace.

Just don’t blame the sinful leaning on God with the statement, “God made me this way.”

He didn’t.

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