In Times of Doubt

We all have them from time to time. Those moments or even seasons of doubting something we thought we knew about God and His will for us or for others. It may have come through that unexpected tragedy, medical emergency, sickness or disease. It may have come through situations or circumstances that appeared absolutely contrary to what we believe the LORD has shown us.

We are not alone.

John the Baptist, in the midst of a hot lonely dungeon located in a desert near the Dead Sea sent word to Jesus, “Are you the one or do we look for another?” If I were inspiring the Bible to be written I would not have had that recorded. John, the man who had presented the LORD Jesus as the Savior, saw the dove descend upon Him, and heard the voice of God declare “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”…had a moment of serious doubt.

I would not have wanted that said of John the Baptist, but I’m glad the Holy Spirit put it in the scriptures for our benefit. If the great John the Baptist entered a situation that caused his mind to question and He had seen Jesus, “How much more will you and I who have not seen Him.”

Moments of doubt do not mean we have entered into total unbelief. It simply means we have entered a moment where our faith is being tested. The Lord will always meet us in these times to encourage us just as He sent word to John that all is well. Just as He appeared to Abraham and said in spite of all, you will have a child. Just as He came to Thomas and revealed Himself to Him, so the LORD will come to us and do the same.

There are certain things that are solid in my faith. There is one God who created all. Jesus Christ came as the only begotten Son of God, God in the flesh. This Jesus died for my sin and rose again that I might have new life in relationship with Him. Because I believe in Him, everlasting life is mine. I am already a part of His kingdom.

Even so, there are times of testing that bring moments of doubt as to why things happen. Times in that what I or others are going through don’t appear to line up with my perception of God’s will in the situation.

After walking this Christian life for some 35 years now, I can honestly look back and say, “In every moment of doubt, the LORD has come to me in some way to encourage my faith and restore it in even greater measure.”

He will do the same for you.
…Just ask Him.

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