The Snake is IN the House

Writing a book is much like birthing a baby. There is the conception of ideas, their refining, writing and re-writing for clarity and hopefully proper interpretation. Then comes the literal labor required in actually getting it to print. This book “The Snake is IN the House” is my first endeavor in writing something that I pray will be meaningful to all who read.

If you choose to purchase it and read it carefully, I hope you will find it is more about how the enemy is exposed in us individually and less about the circumstances that forces this inner discovery.

God desperately desires to bring revival to individuals and churches. The question is are we really ready for what we so desire? If the enemy is present, he must be expelled first or he will destroy what God releases. We must be vessels of gold and silver, not earthen ware and wood.

Many thanks to Dr. Paul Gaerhing for guidance and encouragement.


David Tuell exposes the subtle but dangerous inroads the enemy of every church seeks to unleash against pastors and people who are pursuing everything God has for them. David shares transparently from thirty years of very successful pastoral ministry that came crashing down on him and his family when the snake got loose in the house. As I work with pastors and churches all across America and in many nations of the world, I see the personal and church carnage whenever the snake is allowed to get loose in the house. Pastor David exposes the enemy’s true identity and tactics so the snake can be stopped before another pastor’s family and church crashes. He also shares the story of the journey he and his family took to recover and to birth a new church. Healthy local churches that Jesus is building as a part of his kingdom on earth today are the only answer to the disintegrating moral culture in America. As David writes: “If Satan can destroy the last remnants of the church’s influence upon our culture, we are without hope in America.” The Snake is in the House is a must-read for all church leaders and members who still believe that Jesus is building his church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!

Bishop Paul Gaehring, President of Redemption Ministerial Fellowship International


Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as both e-book and hard copy now. Book signing and hard copies available through the author after first of March 2015.

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