Monthly Archives: February 2015

Gray Hair in the Mirror

Growing older is meant to be a blessing. Proverbs says gray hair is a crown. That seems to be less respected in our day than ever before. Increasing technology and the fast pace of a changing culture seeks to make…

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Warts and All

Several years ago I preached a message titled something to this effect on a Wednesday night. I began by teaching some of the high standards found in the New Testament. Those concerning sin and righteousness, but mainly those concerning love,…

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Don’t Change the Standard

Progressives in society are continually looking for ways to advance their agendas through the changing of social norms. To be honest, some things desperately need to be changed when it comes to righteous government for all people, racial and gender…

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In Times of Doubt

We all have them from time to time. Those moments or even seasons of doubting something we thought we knew about God and His will for us or for others. It may have come through that unexpected tragedy, medical emergency,…

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Contentment in Our Place

One source of stress in our lives may come from not accepting our God-given role in life. Our culture teaches everyone must be “top dog” or you are nothing. This mentality feeds the “dog eat dog” mentality to get to…

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The Snake is IN the House

Writing a book is much like birthing a baby. There is the conception of ideas, their refining, writing and re-writing for clarity and hopefully proper interpretation. Then comes the literal labor required in actually getting it to print. This book…

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