Critical People

Critical people tend to be overly negative people. They go beyond being realists and become actual saboteurs of hope, dreams and vision you may carry in your heart. They seem so insignificant in some respects because after all, “everyone has a right to their opinion”. So most people tend to ignore trite remarks thinking they aren’t worth bothering with. However, we may do so to our own detriment. Critical people will nip at your heels like the little foxes that spoil the vine as we find in the Bible. They may actually be slowly killing your self-esteem, your ministry vision, and souring others around you with their adders poison.

These folks really need to see themselves as they are and repent or come out of your circle of influence altogether.

Critical people are really…
…The very fact that they believe they have the right to be overly critical of you is because they believe their way is the only way. In fact, they really believe their way is God’s only way! Jealousy has entered their hearts. The reality is they are critical of not just you, but the God who is using you and not them.
…One of grace’s characteristics is not becoming judgmental. Critical people at their root are graceless in nature. They hold a standard over you that gives no grace for growth and continually speak words of negativity either directly to you or to others around you. They are faultfinders and certainly not people whom God has ordained to be around you.
…Hear me; critical people will never be pleased with anything you do because their way would have always been better. They are also super-frustrated people because their own perfectionist attitude is killing them. They can’t even measure up to their own standards and they know it. This only fuels their critical spirit.
Armchair quarterbacks
…Critical people have a way of criticizing everything you are doing but have absolutely no success in anything they have attempted. It’s like the successful football coach who loses a game or goes through a slump and everyone in the world wants to tell them what to do, though these people have never successfully played or coached a game themselves.
Ultimately negative people will cause division.
…Their critical language and attitudes will draw others in especially in difficult seasons you may be going through. It’s amazing how negativity spreads far more quickly than a positive attitude in trying times.

Be aware of those people and mark them for prayer because deception has them in its grip.

Honestly, supposedly super spiritual people who have never accomplished anything other than a façade of spiritual superiority just make me tired. We must understand that these kinds of people are not with you to support you, but rather to gain from you. They want to ride your coat tails of success and claim that they are really the reason you succeeded. When they can not gain from you what they desire they turn critical like a spurned lover turns on one whom they can not make love them.

There is a difference in a critical spirit and a spirit of constructive criticism that we all must be willing to hear. One voice likes to make itself the main point as they approach you in a holier than thou attitude. The other seeks to enrich you in ways to become better. We must learn to discern which is which and act accordingly.

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