When You’re Left Alone

It has been called ‘the dark night’ of the soul by some. It may come through a variety of circumstances, righteous or unrighteous in nature. It always includes suffering. The death of a loved one, the divorce, the loss of job and the illness that came upon us out of the blue may plunge us into a loneliness of the soul that at first seems unbearable, even with people all around us.

We may be left alone because of some sin we have committed. Instead of people rushing to restore they rushed to judgment instead. The same may be true of taking an unpopular righteous stand and being rejected with no one asking why or coming to our defense. In these cases people may just walk away and you are left not just alone surrounded by people…you are really alone.

What you may find is God may have you just where He needs you.

We live in a world filled with many voices. Everyone has an opinion about you and some desire to manipulate you to live the life they think you should be living. Please don’t misunderstand, many are well meaning, but none may be the voice of the LORD in your life.

Sometimes for us to hear the voice of the LORD He has to position us in a place of solitude. It is in this place we may choose to wrestle with Him like Jacob or pout in His presence like the great Elijah. However, what He is really after is to get us to listen to only Him in that season.

You will recognize the voice. It will never come in a condemning tone even if it is corrective in nature. It will never tell you how wicked you are or that your life is over. It will always be a voice tender in nature telling you that you are not alone nor are you forsaken. It will be a voice that invites you deeper into His presence and that will in turn allow you to see Him as the faithful God that He is…to you.

Jesus’ promise to His disciples was that He would never leave them nor forsake them. The reason for the promise? There would be times when they felt and would actually be left alone in the eyes of man. The same is true of you and I today.

Rather than fear the loneliness of the moment, embrace it as an opportunity for God to reveal more of Himself to you. Rather than trying to fill your life with more busyness to cover the pain, settle yourself before the Healer of your soul and allow Him to teach you His higher ways.

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