When You’re Scarred

When my youngest daughter was in her mid teens her leg broke and she fell down a set of concrete steps outside the church we were pastoring at the time. To make matters worse it was in the dead of winter on a bitter cold day. No one in the building knew what had happened. She was alone and began to crawl up the walk to try to find help. People passed by in cars and no one bothered to stop until my associate pastor spotted her and an ambulance was called.

It was a horrible break just below the knee.

The next three months would be spent in surgeries and recuperation. There was incredible pain as the surgeon had placed a steel rod the entire length of her lower leg, from knee to ankle. To add to the misery, he placed a size larger rod in it so there would be no need for further surgeries later.

She has a scar on her knee and down a portion of her leg, faded now, but still visible. She is an incredibly beautiful young woman without blemish to use a biblical term. The incredible thing to me is that from day one, she has never been self-conscience of her scar. She has always worn dresses and shorts whenever she feels like it. Again with no thought of the scar or what others may think about it.

I asked her one day how she felt about having a scar such as that on her leg. Her response surprised me as she said, “I’m proud of it. It reminds me I got through it.”

She’s not bitter about it or the events that ensued afterward, but rather marks it as a time she overcame. The scar reminded her of a victory, not a painful struggle.

Most folks carry some kind of emotional scars from past hurts and battles fought. Like it or not, they are there and every once in a while we get reminded of them even though they are invisible to the naked eye. It is at these times we must choose to remember the pain of the battle or the thrill of the victory. We made it through in spite of all. Scarred? Yes. But not defeated.

I’m incredibly proud of this now grown woman and thankful for the life lesson she taught her daddy.

Scars are not left to remind you of the pain, but rather that you healed. You made it!

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