I Turned the News Off Today

My day usually begins with a cup of coffee, checking the news to see what has and is happening in the world, and then getting in the Word to get my guidance and strength for the day.

I turned the news off today.

It’s not that I decided to stick my head in the sand for a day but rather because all the news media has to report today is bad news. Bad news makes dramatic headlines. Bad news sells newspapers and increases media ratings. It also breeds fear and hopelessness in the hearts and minds of people.

Yes, Jesus had some bad news too. Sin destroys people. There are wicked people in the world in both secular and religious sectors. There is a place called hell where the worm doesn’t die, a place of eternal torment for the wicked.

However, Jesus only presented the bad news to set up the Good News.

God loves us in spite of us. He sent His Son into the world to save those who believe in the good news, not to condemn them. He came to save us from this mess of a world we live in and to offer a kingdom to live in where His blessing flow like a mighty rushing river.

It seems the news media glories in presenting the bad news, but supplies no solutions. Jesus doesn’t skirt the bad news but rather He emphasizes the Good News far more. He gives us answers to both avert and prevent the bad news. People must turn from a worldview and take on a God view. Changed lives and having our eyes opened to the kingdom reveal the good things the LORD has in store for those who love and obey Him.

For today, I turned off the bad news so I could concentrate on the Good News. God’s got this. I’ve read the end of the Good Book and it says He triumphs and we win.

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