Monthly Archives: October 2014

Jezebel: The Power Behind the Power

This is the fourth and last post in this series on ‘The Leadership Dilemma of Our Days’. The first three need to be read for context’s sake. They are, ‘The Leadership Dilemma’, ‘David vs. Saul’, and ‘Absalom: The Son of…

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Absalom: The Son of Rebellion

This is the third installment of a series of blogs on leadership. The first is ‘The Leadership Dilemma of Our Day’ and the second is ‘Saul vs. David’. I highly encourage you to read the first two before reading this…

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David vs. Saul Leadership

I read leadership material and blogs just like many other leaders. And, after being in leadership for 30 years now, I can discern pretty quickly what type of leadership style the author believes in and is promoting. As stated in…

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