The death of comedian Robin Williams has broken most everyone’s heart. Such an incredible comic genius who made millions laugh over the past decades is now gone far too soon…and apparently by his own hand.

There is nothing more tragic.

There is nothing more tragic because it seems impossible to believe that someone who appeared to have everything in life you could possibly want was so sad, so depressed, and so empty that he would end the pain in such a way. However, this emptiness fills far more people than not. Sometimes behind the smiles, behind the gregarious personalities that many put forth publicly are people who are dying or in some ways, already dead inside.

I think it important to mention the issue of mental illness here. It is something that parts of the church either do not want to deal with or want to put every issue concerning it into the category of demonization. How ignorant! Without a doubt spiritual forces of wickedness may take full advantage of a mental illness to cause added pain and suffering, but to say all mental illness is caused by demons is a myth that needs to be cast aside. The brain is a physical organ in the body like any other organ. It may be genetically hindered or it could become chemically imbalanced for numerous physiological reasons. However, none of these are necessarily or directly demonic, simply the results of living in a fallen world.

None of this is without hope!

The emptiness is literally a void that only God Himself can fill in all of us. The writer of Ecclesiastes is clear that absolutely nothing in life can satisfy us but the presence of the LORD in all our lives. Jesus promised that when He comes into our lives He brings life and that life more abundantly. (John 10:10) Paul admonishes us to be continually filled with the Spirit of God in the book of Ephesians.

No matter how empty we may feel God has the ability to fill the void if we will turn to Him. Yes, that will mean turning from everything else in life that is not fulfilling, but which do you want? Everything that makes you feel empty or the One who can fill all in all?

We may have struggles in life that are deeply personal but we do not have to fight them alone. We do not have to be so empty that life is sheer torture to us on a day-to-day basis. A genuine relationship with Jesus Christ heals our hurts, fills the empty chasms in our hearts, and fills us with continual hope for a better day.

Don’t allow the black hole of emptiness to keep sucking the life right out of you! Ask Jesus to come and fill the void. You will be amazed how even in the dark days there will always be a Light guiding you through the darkness!

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