Sometimes You Can Feel It

There was a time I could ‘feel it’. Then I bought into the lie that says you don’t pay any attention to feelings. Here’s the truth, if they are unsanctified and flesh based, ignore them. Cast them down in the name of Jesus and walk by faith. However, the LORD created us to have emotions. The LORD Himself has ‘feelings’ and we are created in His image. The Bible clearly reveals a God who feels anger, love, jealousy, joy, sadness and even disappointment just to name a few. (You will see this in the life of Jesus, not just in the OT passages.)

Sanctified emotions are a sign of genuine passion.

In these last days God is not looking for a people who think they squeak when they walk because they are so holy. Most of these folks are armchair quarterbacks who sit back on their sanctified derrieres, judging everyone else and do nothing anyway. Nope, God is looking for a people of great passion for Him, His will, and His purposes. They are not afraid to step out in faith and reach for the heavens in spite of themselves…determined to bring the kingdom display to earth in some form or fashion. Cc. Matthew 6:10

Sanctified emotions can be great tools of discernment.

They allow us many times to feel what the LORD is feeling and then respond rightly. When handled properly, they can be indicators of what God wants to do through us no matter how the situation looks. The ‘goose bump’ may actually be an anointing poured out fresh to energize us. It’s true I don’t need a goose bump to obey the Lord or to move in faith, but man, when you feel it there is an added boldness that comes.

I’ve believed and taught for years that a great move of the Spirit was coming again to the earth before Jesus’ return. The most I have personally seen are mercy drops. At times I have felt less than nothing in the period of waiting, but I can feel it now. Just like you can feel the rain in the air atmosphere before it actually begins to fall, yeah, just like that.

Deep is calling to deep in a whole new way. Those in tune know God is up to something. The need is soon to be great. God says I have the supply. He is just looking for those willing to be conduits of what He is about to pour out.

Did I say, “I can feel it”?

Can you?

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