Healing the Hurts

It’s not just the world that is full of hurting people, so is the Church. Emotional hurts come through many different means. Some come through personal loss or failure, others through rejection or mistreatment and still others through offenses.

If not dealt with they fester in the soul, eventually poisoning every aspect of our lives. Our hearts harden. We build a wall between other people. We get to a point where bitterness and un-forgiveness bring us to a place of not being willing to trust anyone again.

The devil then has you right where he wants you. Isolated.

Here are three basic principles to understand how to overcome and experience healing in the area of emotional hurts.

First, admit your hurt. You’re not just angry. You’re not simply upset with the situation nor are you filled with ‘righteous indignation’. You my friend are ‘hurt’ pure and simple. All the other emotions are merely a defensive cover because our pride doesn’t want us to admit we are flat-out wounded. We are afraid to admit that because we think it will make us look weak and unable to cope. Well, let me ask you, “How’s that working for you?” Just admit, “I’m hurt.” Jesus said only the truth could set us free. Healing can’t come if we are not willing to acknowledge the real issue.

Second, place the hurt before the Lord. He knows you’re emotionally injured anyway so pour your heart out to Him instead of spreading your ‘defensive’ cover over everyone else. The Lord can handle our emotion. Trust me on that one. It doesn’t move Him, but He alone is able to understand it and still move to the heart of the issue within us. Most of the people around us cannot get past our emotions and many times will fuel the fire of anger and bitterness that we are feeling instead. The Lord on the other hand will reach in and heal the root of the pain if we will give it to Him.

Third, don’t declare that I will never allow myself to be hurt again, but rather determine to be both dead and alive in Christ. More potential hurts are coming. They are unavoidable in this life. The best defense against a hurt is to stay good and ‘dead’ in Christ. Continually crucifying our flesh takes large targets away from the enemy. Pride, codependency, and selfishness must be erased from our lives. To be alive in Christ means we choose to love, forgive, and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to continually produce His fruits in us. The Healer is alive in us if we will yield to Him.

Yes, there are more principles to healing our hurts. Time does not heal all wounds but when we respond properly to the Lord, in time, the hurts will heal and wholeness will return.

Be healed in Jesus name!

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