Sometimes You Stand Alone

There will be times in the purposes of God for your life when you will be called upon to stand-alone. It will be a time when it’s just you and the Lord as you fulfill a specific assignment that only you fully (or not so fully at the time) understand.

It was like this for Jesus as He faced His destiny with the cross.

The Passion Week was filled with people all around Jesus. The problem? They were all pushing different agendas. The crowd wanted a king. The disciples wanted position around Him. The Roman government wanted Him silenced. The religious leaders wanted Him dead. Jesus only wanted to fulfill the purposes of the Father.

It wasn’t that Jesus wanted to be alone in this, but it ended up being so.

The disciples would be too busy jockeying for position during the Last Supper to truly understand His words at the time. Judas would leave in a huff to set the stage for the rest of the night. Jesus would ask His disciples to go to a place of prayer with Him only to repeatedly find them sleeping in His darkest hour. The soldiers would come and they would scatter into the night. Peter would then deny Him not once, but three times with a curse.

Jesus would be left alone to finish His course hanging between two strangers in death. Only His mother, another follower or two and John would be mentioned as being at the actual crucifixion.

The loneliness became all to real as Jesus cried out, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” as the Father turned His back and allowed the judgment of our sin to be completed through His Son.

Thank God we will never experience that last part of being alone. Even though we may be alone concerning people, the promise of Jesus is that He would never leave us nor forsake us…even in our darkest valleys of obedience…the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want.

I believe the Lord is looking for a people in these last days who will take a stand founded clearly upon His Word, even if it means we will be all alone in a crowd. The more people who choose to take a righteous stand, the less anyone will have to stand-alone.

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