The Power of Unity

The Bible is more than clear in both OT and NT that unity is a deciding factor for victory. Jesus said that a kingdom divided against its self could not stand. Therefore in His high priestly prayer of John 17 He prayed to the Father that we all be one. Paul continued this theme in several epistles by pleading for a unity of Spirit that required love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and forbearance one for another.

The simple truth? God gives us the principles for unity, but we must choose to walk in them. The choice is always ours. The ramifications or blessings are built into what we choose to do, victory or defeat.

I’ve been in ministry twenty-nine years now. I have had the privilege of pastoring four churches and ample time to watch church dynamics in many others. I have come to the conclusion that only three things can hinder the power of God from being released in a people who desire it.

The first is traditions of men.

The second is blatant sin.

The Third is disunity.

When the first two are basically non-issues in a church, the third is always the culprit that hinders the move of the Spirit. Now it is true that tradition and sin may cause disunity, however when otherwise godly people refuse to walk in visionary unity for the purposes of God, the resulting powerlessness in a body will still become evident. The Spirit empowers His Word and those vessels that choose to be in harmony with the purposes of God.

This principle of unity is one of great power for good or evil. People may unify to do ungodly or godly things. They can build towers of Babel that proclaim, “see what we’ve done” or Churches with no motive other than to see the glory of God manifest through humble hearts.

Unity is founded by the Spirit through the blood, operates in the atmosphere of love, and is practically walked out by selfless service to the Lord and to one another as unto the Lord. When any of these three things are broken, disunity enters…as well as powerless ministry.

The really sad thing is we really have no one to blame but ourselves. We may point the finger at others all we want but the reality is I am not responsible for others. I am only responsible for my own actions and responses. They will lead either to improved unity or further disunity. Victory or defeat.

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