I Refuse

There are many wonderful things in life that we are free to choose to have in abundance. Jesus is at the top of my list. The presence of the Holy Spirit is equal as He is the Spirit of Christ. Then comes the choice of joy, the love of life, family, and good friends. Jesus said He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

I choose abundant life in Him.

However choosing to have this life means I must also refuse some things as well…
• I refuse legalism and legalists for there is not greater joy killer than these, better them embittered and angry than me in their prison.
• I refuse to receive any teaching that is not wrapped in overcoming grace because God is not out to condemn me but rather to lift me no matter the mud hole I may seem stuck in at the time.
• I refuse to listen to the voices that are manipulative, critical, and judgmental which try and tell me I am less than a child of God or anything less than capable of carrying out the Lord’s will for my life.
• I refuse to allow circumstances and situations to control my emotions and instead surrender to the Holy Spirit to produce His sweet fruits in me when trying times come.
• I refuse to stay where I am as a person because healthy life consists of healthy transitions and much needed change for maturity’s sake.
• I refuse to settle for “settled for living” because life is meant to be a glorious faith journey that both descends through deep valleys and crosses high mountaintops.
• I refuse to surrender to the devil and though he may win a battle or two in my life, he shall not have the ultimate victory that is my God given right.

It’s not enough to choose the positive things in life and think you will receive them without refusing other things. They will not coexist in peace in the same vessel.

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