A Bubble not a Box

How many times have you heard someone say you need to come out of your box? I have been saying it for almost thirty years when it comes to the things of the Lord in relationship to the traditions of man and the way we relate to God and one another. It seems there are more than enough religious boxes to go around. We build walls that separate us in the name of protecting a purity of faith. We put a proverbial lid over things that seem to go too far when in fact we may very well be keeping people from an experience with the Lord that He so wants them to have.

I’ve heard it preached and said it myself. Kick down the walls. Refuse the lid. Color outside the lines. You need to march on off your map. All these things were not said to promote error in any way, but rather to get people in unity with one another and the Lord.

Now I see something different. I see bubbles instead of boxes. Many have broken out of the religious box but have now entered a bubble. The difference in a bubble and a box is that the box keeps us from seeing as we should. We are boxed in. The bubble makes us think we are free because we are now able to see more clearly the things of God from a kingdom perspective, but we are still separated doing our own things.

I see people floating in their own little bubbles and still unable to receive from the Lord and from one another.

There is the apostolic bubble, the prophetic bubble, the evangelistic bubble, the pastoral bubble, the teacher bubble, the worship bubble, the praise bubble, and…I hope you are getting the point. We are far to drawn to our own little worlds and callings that we cannot seem to receive the whole ministry as Jesus intended. If it’s not in my bubble, it’s not anointed. If it’s not in my bubble I don’t concern myself with it. Oh I can see what you’re doing in your bubble, but my bubble is better than yours.

I once said we need to come out of our boxes. I’m changing that now. We need to come out of our bubbles. None of the gifts are any more important than another. They simply function different and have an order to them for the sake of unity. As I get older I have come to understand and appreciate the ministry of all. I am awed as I watch a truly anointed pastor do his thing just as much as I am a prophet making the hair stand up on the back your neck as they do theirs. There is no such thing as an anointed teacher that is boring or a boring anointed evangelist who preaches the same gospel over and over again.

The Bible says some plow, others plant, and still others harvest. We need them all if we are to be healthy disciples of Jesus Christ. Your bubble may be costing you much-needed fellowship with others. Just because you see the ministries, doesn’t mean you are actually receiving from them.

…Bust your bubble and actually receive the ministry of all.

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