Bent All Out of Shape!

“I’m just bent all out of shape.” I’ve said it in moments of frustration and you probably have as well. And, my guess is you have looked at others and declared, “Man, they are bent all out of shape!” because of something they said or did.

The truth is, we are all bent out of shape from birth.

The scriptures call it iniquity. The etymology of the Hebrew word for iniquity comes down to a word that means ‘to bend’ or ‘to twist’. It is a word that declares us blame worthy and even evil before God. When Adam and the woman sinned in the garden, iniquity entered the core of mankind’s being. Sins are the leaves on the tree of indwelling iniquity.

For the believer in Christ, iniquity should be dealt with by the new birth. The problem is too many believers still identify themselves with iniquity rather than with what God has done for us through the cross and resurrection. We make crazy confessions like, “I’m just an ole sinner saved by grace.” As humble and true as that may sound, it is NOT the whole story of redemption.

You will not find one epistle addressed to the sinners at Corinth, Philippi, Ephesus, or anywhere else for that matter. Every epistle is sent to the SAINTS.

You will become what you believe and confess. If you’re determined to be just an ole sinner saved by grace that is how you will act. You will still be bent out of shape in spite of your greatest desires not to be. There is freedom from that bondage by identifying with who God says you are before Him after your salvation.

There is much more to this and I invite you to our website for free downloads of the present teaching series called “Identity”.

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