Personal Testimony of Grace

“In our willingness to let God’s grace rest upon us and stand as a testimony to His good works, we become the testimony of His power.” T. D. Jakes

Miracles of any fashion occur only in seasons or moments of great need. I challenge you to find a miracle in the Bible that wasn’t birthed out of great need for the people who were the recipients. It’s humbling to find yourself in that place of need, yet that is where my wife and I found ourselves.

We have seen God’s miraculous hand of provision in our lives before, yet nothing like we experienced a few weeks ago.

As a pastor I teach the principles of the Lord’s faithfulness towards His people. I teach principles of what it means to follow Him and trust Him to meet our needs. It is a truth that bears repeating, “What God calls for God pays for.” Jesus’ words in Matthew have been a recurring theme in many messages I have delivered over the years.

Matthew 6:33 (NASB95) 33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

We stepped out in faith about fourteen months ago at what we believed was the will of God for us. A church plant called River Church Roanoke was the result. We started with absolutely nothing. No money, no backing, just a Word we believed the Lord had spoken to us.

Long story short, our personal finances hit a critical point and it became apparent we needed to sell our home, so we put it on the market. The very morning a couple looked at our house and fell in love with it, we received a message from another person that said in part, “It’s none of my business why you are selling your home, but if it’s because you can’t make the payments, don’t sell it. I’ve prayed about this for several weeks. I want to pay your mortgage for you. You don’t need that kind of stress and your family certainly doesn’t need to lose their home. You get on with the business of the Kingdom, I’ll pay your house payment.”

Excuse me for a moment while I have yet another hallelujah moment!

My wife and I are very private people when it comes to our personal lives and sharing personal things is very difficult for us. Yet, I have done so for two reasons. First, God deserves honor and glory for the great things He has done. We will sing His praises! Second, to encourage you who seek to do the work of the kingdom in any capacity to keep trusting the Lord through thick and thin. He is a faithful God.

Would God have been any less faithful if we had had to sell our home? Of course He would have still been faithful! We would have sold our home and moved into something the Lord would certainly have provided for us. BUT GOD is full of mercy and grace and we became recipients of that greater grace and mercy.

Thank you Father God.

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