A Baby No More

The miracle of the virgin birth is one of two of the greatest miracles found in the Bible. The other is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Together these two miracles become the foundation for our Christian faith.

The Christmas account must be told over and over again. We need to instill it in the minds of our children and as adults we need the reminder of God’s gift to the world. Jesus, the only begotten (very special) Son of God came to save sinners.

As a baby and throughout Jesus’ physical walk upon the earth, we have the picture of the “Lamb of God”. He was the suffering Savior whose earthly destiny was the cross and His death a substitutionary one before the Father for our sin debt.

However, Jesus is a baby no more. Nor is He a lamb to be led to slaughter again, quite the contrary. He arose a King and He is returning a conquering King. He came the first time with the ministry of a lamb, He is returning the second time as the Lion of Judah. He came the first time and allowed mankind to do with Him as they willed, He is returning the second time as the War Lord of Heaven. Revelation 19:11-18 gives us a portrait of the Jesus who is returning. Take time to read this passage and see Jesus in a whole different light.

I wonder how much differently we would live if we had the returning King in mind instead of the sweet baby in a manager scene ever before us?

For a very straightforward message on this subject, go to RiverChurchRoanoke.com and click on media and the message, “The King is Coming”. All the other messages found there are free for downloading as well.

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