This is a minor milestone for me as it is my 100th blog post!  In being that, I have actually waited a week or two to write, wanting this one to be something ‘special’. That was just way too much pressure, so this one will have to do.  🙂

One of the most liberating things in life is to discover who God is transforming you to become. It is a lifelong process in both discovery and maturing. It is full of great successes and even great failures. It is a road that at times makes you believe you have it all figured out as you walk the mountain top, only to enter a dark valley where you sit and doubt just about everything about yourself.

Truth be told, it’s during those dark valley experiences that God is doing the greatest molding and shaping. However, we must understand the LORD is not trying to change our basic spiritual DNA. He created you with a purpose in mind. He gifted you, called you and set you on the path of His intended destiny.

The valley is not to be a time of losing God’s purpose for your life nor who you are. It is rather meant to be a time of incredible metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar that crawls around in the sun for a time and then enters a cocoon, a dark place where it is hidden from the world and the world from it, only to emerge as a butterfly a short time later. So are the purposes of God for us.

You are never ‘lost’ in the purposes of God for your life…even in the valley. You are simply in a place where the LORD has placed you to refine you for a season. IF you choose to work with Him, you will emerge a better person, a better spouse, a better parent, a better friend, and a far great witness for Jesus Christ.

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