Don’t Take the Bait!

I love bass fishing. I love being out in the open on my boat. I love rigging my rods for different types of fishing and for fishing at different depths and temperature of water. I love going to the bait shop and scouring through the literally thousands of different types, colors, and sizes of baits that I might use to lure that big hog to bite!

Oh, the thrill of the strike and the fight that ensues just gets my adrenaline flowing! Taking the ‘victory’ picture after it is in the boat is simply icing on the cake.

Satan loves to fish too. He loves to bait the people of God into sin, offense, and foolishness. John Bevere wrote what I believe was one of his best books ever several years ago. It was called “The Bait of Satan”. Every person should read it at least once a year. In it he warns how the enemy of our souls baits us with offenses to spoil our hearts, ruin our relationships, and taint the anointing God has given us to use for good, not for evil.

Don’t be baited by the enemy. Don’t let another person’s offense become your offense because you may find the others’ offense was one sided or selfish. Don’t let another person control or manipulate you with their moods, sulking or betrayal. It’s all just an attempt of the enemy to catch you in some form of sin. Anger, bitterness, jealousy, a sense of self-righteousness, and general paranoia around a person or situation is simply bait the enemy uses to pull us into the boat of self-inflicted turmoil and pain.

Then he takes a picture and puts his ‘catch’ on display. Embarrassing to say the least and all because we chose to take the bait.

There is a reason the Bible emphasizes love, grace, mercy, humility, forbearance and forgiveness. They protect us from the bait of the evil one.

Don’t take the bait!

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