Confessions of an Ex-Control Freak

Perfectionist and control freaks make me crazy. I know because I used to be one and to this day must be on guard for the old habits seem to want to return at times. Perfectionist and control freaks make those around them and themselves absolutely miserable. They are constantly putting others on edge and have absolutely no peace within their own hearts. We tend to be the most critical of others and secretly of ourselves. We tend to want to deal with the speck in our brother’s eye while ignoring or being unable to see the log in our own. We are constantly disappointed in others and ourselves for not measuring up. We forget Jesus said, “judge not lest you be judged”.

Did I mention it was a miserable way to live? I am well versed in perfectionism and control. I have been forced to look in the mirror and see myself as the Holy Spirit stripped me naked before Him.

The Bible says Jesus came full of grace and truth. Perfectionist and control freaks seem to concentrate on the “truth” while ignoring the “grace”. There is more than a balance here. It is truth wrapped in grace and grace wrapped in truth. The two are inseparable.

How do you keep from being one of these twin headed monsters? Take responsibility for your own life, obey the LORD in your personal walk before Him, walk humbly before men and let the LORD deal with others around you in the process.

It’s rather liberating.

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