Keep it Between the Lines

A dear friend of mine posted a scripture on Facebook today that caused a flood of spiritual thought to invade my mind. It is a relevant truth for every season of life and situation we may find ourselves in. It will keep us from extremes and it will also keep us walking in the very center of God’s will.

The scripture verse?

Psalm 119:160 (NASB95)
160 The sum of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting.

The psalmist said, “The sum of your word is truth…” What a hermeneutic principle for us all to follow. The writer is saying it is in the final summation of all God’s Word that brings us the “whole truth” and nothing but the truth.

Here is something to rattle your cage a little. I can find scripture, pull them out of context and out of the “sum” of the totality of God’s truth, and prove a non-biblical idea. It’s done all the time when people are trying to prove their point or thought on a subject. Preachers may sometimes do what is called “proof texting” while preaching. They will take a truth out of its context to supposedly prove their point.

Christians tend to end up on what appears to be two opposing ends of the proverbial stick because they emphasize one end of the truth at the expense of the other.

  • Legalism vs what I call “sloppy agape”.
  • Eternal Security vs what I call “loosing it at the drop of a hat”.
  • Biblical Prosperity vs what I call a “poverty mentality”.
  • Kingdom Now vs what I call “being so heavenly minded you are earthly no good.”

The list goes on and on.  The body of Christ has polarized itself on one end of these issues or the other.

I have learned not to write a book in a blog, so I will keep this simple and to the point. If I choose, I can take passages of scripture to prove either end of the spectrum that I want. However, the Word itself will not allow me to do this. I must take the sum of the revelation given and come to a spiritual understanding that somewhere in the middle is the road I am to travel, in my faith and practice. Do not take this as lukewarm! On the contrary…it will keep you in the hot seat as both sides of the extreme will “shoot” at you or virtually disown you.

There is a warning at the back of the Book. (Revelation 22:18-19) It says do not add to nor take away from the words of this Book.

…As the psalmist said, “The sum of your word is truth…”

Let’s keep it between the lines of God’s revelation and live balanced Christian lives that unite rather than divide.

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