Apostolic Church

I thought we would continue our theme as of late on the subject of the “apostolic” in today’s world. In a few days I’ll write more on the specific ministry of the apostle, but I can’t get this one out of my head, so it must come first. To qualify what I am about to write, just let me say when I use the term “apostolic church” I am not speaking of the sect called the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, or “Jesus Only”. Nor am I in any way seeking to judge or belittle any gospel preaching church. My desire is to cause us all to reach higher and mature into the full measure of Christ (Eph. 4:13) irregardless of our brand name or church tradition.

How would I as simply as possible define the “apostolic church” that is to rise up in these last days?

The apostolic church rising in these last days will produce and share the LIFE, LOVE and POWER of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of a building. She will become a living spiritual organism with the life blood of the Holy Spirit flowing through her veins. She will be relevant to her time and yet uncompromising in biblical truth. Christ will genuinely become her head and will lead her to transform individuals, families, communities, countries, and even the governmental structures of nations. She will face tremendous spiritual attack from both the world systems and the devil in the church…even so…because she is the Lord’s bride, she will overcome and be adorned in the likeness of her King. The apostolic church will no longer be a religious business, but will rather be about the Father’s business! She will be holy (separated for the Lord’s work) with little to no thought of how different the world, and sadly, other parts of the Church may view her.

The apostolic church Jesus is raising up in these last days will exceed the church in the Book of Acts in every respect. That early church, as powerful as it was, was only the seed being planted. How much more powerful will the mature man be in every respect? The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

This mature man will not come forth without the pain of transition from the womb of traditional church structures and movements. You see, as God restores His church, He is not starting something “new’, He is merely maturing that which has already been planted. It is (again sadly) a rare church or movement that can legitimately move on to the next season of maturity. We become oh so familiar and comfortable with what we have and the way we do things, that we no longer want to face the change required for the next step in God’s plan. It looks difficult, and it is. That is why few venture out.

Even so, not only is change coming, change is here. It is so obvious that we are living in the last of the last days that only a foolish person or one living in denial could disagree. The Lord is accelerating the growth of the apostolic church in these days so the bride will be ready for His return, likened unto Him without spot or blemish. Just as you can not change the aging of your physical body, you will not be able to stop the coming maturity of the bride of Christ.

The question is, “Will you work with the Lord in this, or God forbid, be one guilty of actually fighting it?”

It is a fact of life, everything must mature or face death. We weep bitterly over the loss of a child, teenager, or young person and we lament the fact that they never had the opportunity to mature. They died “too young”. How much more must heaven weep over those who choose the death of stagnation rather than continually going through the process of maturing in the Lord.

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