Tornado Alley

I sat in dismay watching the news feeds from Moore Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The amount of devastation in a 1.5 mile wide, 17 mile long stretch of earth is simply mind-boggling. All this destruction because of a phenomenon we call a tornado.

I have good friends who live in the area and thank God they are all okay. Some are ministers, pastor’s of local churches in the area whose members have lost everything. The church I pastor here in VA, River Church Roanoke, immediately sent funds to a local church in Oklahoma City  whom we know. How could you not want to help in a sacrificial way during such a desperate time?

Now the inevitable questions come. Why? Where was God? Even with many miraculous accounts of lives being spared, 24 still died. Many of them children. Likewise the cost of the destruction is now pushing 2 billion dollars. Why? Where was God?

At the risk of over simplifying, the earth is still affected by original sin. Genesis seems to make it clear that in the original creation there were no weather patterns, no rain, but the earth was watered by a “mist”. After the fall and more specifically after the flood of Noah, the destructive weather patterns of the earth as we know them today began to occur. Paul, in Romans chapter 8 tells us that all of creation “groans” until the final appearing of Christ.

God is not to “blame” nor did He call for or instigate this. When you live in “tornado alley” you just have to expect tornadoes at times. Be prepared as best you can and trust God rather than blaming Him.

I say this not out of a self-righteous spirit, but rather out of one that grieves for the hypocrisy of many in positions of authority and influence. We have taken God and the things of God out of our courtrooms and government buildings. We have taken the Bible and prayer out of our schools. The liberal news media applauds and gleefully reports on government crackdowns of those who seek to restore the God of the Bible back into our society.

Then, when an event such as the Moore, OK tornado comes, everyone says “pray”.

One school teacher when asked how she saved six of her students by laying on them in a bathroom stall said this, “I did something I wasn’t supposed to do in school. I prayed out loud for God to help us.”

I agree with one rescue worker who helped them out of the rubble. He said, “Good job teach. Good job.”

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