New Look New Direction

I want to thank those who have determined to read and follow this blog, “Kingdom Word Today”. It is an honor to “break bread” with you once or twice a week and share what God has put upon my heart concerning His kingdom. I likewise want you to know, this is a ministry site designed to minister to you. To encourage you along this path of life that God has called each of us to in Christ Jesus.

From time to time there is a need to transition from what God has done, to what God is doing, and to speak those things, we believe, given by the Spirit of God to come. “Kingdom Word Today” is almost a year old. We have people following us from TWENTY-SEVEN countries from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia!!!!!!! We have had as many as 670 different people reading the web blog on a single day.

I am simply blown away and deeply humbled.

You will see the website has taken a bit of a new design and feel. Hopefully this is more “warm” and dare I use the word, “intimate”. Everything but the doctrinal statement is fresh under the tabs section and hopefully reflective of what the Lord has been doing in me over the past year. Check them out for the new info.

Likewise, expect the articles to be deeper and even more prophetic in nature. I do not call myself a prophet by any means, but I am discerning of the world around me and fairly keen as to discern what God is doing, or maybe better, what God is desiring to do if we will only listen and act.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit in these last days will be a common topic in the blogs to come. What the kingdom of God needs is not another sweet little ministry nor another ministry method to be the latest and greatest thing to share with the church world. What the King desires is that the Holy Spirit be given His rightful place in the last days church. It is after all the Holy Spirit’s commission to lift up the name of Jesus. God forbid we seek to take His place, but merely become the instruments in which He works through.

…Looking forward to “breaking much more bread” with you in the weeks and months to come. If this ministry is a blessing, please share it with someone else. It is after all about the kingdom you know.

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