Jesus Understands

I find it interesting that Jesus was upon the earth forty days after His resurrection. The question is, “Doing what?” I mean think about it with me. You’re the Son of God, God in the flesh. You’ve been absent from heaven for some thirty-three and one half years. You’ve just been through a horrible crucifixion and a glorious resurrection. You’ve shown yourself alive to your disciples and some five hundred others at one time according to Paul in 1 Cor. 15.

Why not just return to glory after you have been revealed in your resurrection? Why stay some forty more days?

As I meditated upon this, I began to realize Jesus needed to give His follows some time to heal up while His presence could still be with them. He understood the human make-up better than anyone else. He understood these folks would need some time to get their heads on straight so they could continue the course of preaching the Kingdom of God, like He had begun.

These boys and girls had just been on the wildest roller coaster ride of their lives! The last week had certainly had its highs and lows. From coming into Jerusalem with great fanfare, to the crucifixion, and finally the resurrection. They had acted honorably in some points and they had failed in others. They had stuck with Him through the Garden of Gethsemane…then they had scattered to the wind when the soldiers came to take Jesus away. And then there was Peter, denying the Lord three times and walking away.

Now what?

The disciples were awestruck by Jesus’ resurrection but now they had to deal with what they had done. What was Jesus thinking? What would Jesus say? What would Jesus now do with them?

Have you ever failed the Lord in some way and wondered what He would do?

The surprising thing you will find is first His great love for you. The next thing you will find Jesus understands you better than you understand yourself…and He’s still willing to forgive and restore you.

For more on this, check out There, under the media tab, you will find a free down load of the message “A Time to Heal”. You may listen to it there or download for free. It’s a life changing message that will renew you hope in the Lord and His plans for your life.

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