Betrayal, everyone has experienced it at some time in their lives. It happened in grade school when our best friend forever decided they were going to be best friends forever with someone else. It happened in dating relationships when someone told us they would love us forever and then went out with our best friend behind our back. It happens in marriages, extended families, and in the work place.

It also happened to Jesus.

Judas is an interesting “study” in the gospels. There isn’t much written outside of the account of him betraying Jesus. All we know for certain is that he turned on Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. An amount large enough to buy a field, but rather “cheap” when it comes to selling out the Son of God, don’t you think?

Betrayal may very well be the hight of spiritual wickedness. It certainly ranks near the top if not. The reason? Genuine betrayal only happens from those closest to us. It’s an “inside” job that catches us off guard. It’s planned in back rooms, secret meetings, and with nothing but ill intent.

The results of betrayal are devastating to the one being betrayed. You have only two choices in response, fight like heck in the flesh or submit yourself in faith to the larger purposes of God in the situation. One makes you angry, bitter, and vengeful. The other brings a whole new life after the dust has settled. For every Friday, there is a Sunday morning.

Jesus chose to wash Judas’ feet and call him friend. From the cross He cried out, “Father forgive them they know not what they do.” You and I must do likewise in matters of betrayal…if we want the blessings that come afterward.

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