Make it Right?

There is not one of us walking planet earth for any amount of time who has not experienced some form of “injustice”. It happens to everyone whether it comes in the form of abuse at home or at work, to being falsely accused or convicted in the court of public opinion of something we didn’t do. It happens in families, in the work place, and in the larger society in which we live.

…And it always cost us something.

The injustice will cause hurt to our soul as we anguish over the unfairness. It will cost us precious time as we have to deal with the situation. It may cost of financially. It may cost us our reputation. We may in these times of injustice suffer loss…real loss.

…And we wonder, we may even cry out, “God, will you ever make this right?”

The short answer is “yes”, God will make it right. The longer answer is He will always do it in His way and in His timing.

  • It will come AFTER He is done “processing” you in the situation. God uses every situation that comes into our lives as a “teachable” moment. He will teach you things about yourself just as He taught Job. He will make things right when you and I have allowed the situation to mature us further into Christ-likeness.
  • It will come AFTER He has given opportunity for all involved to repent. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Even so, God is a loving God who gives everyone time to right the wrongs done. The hearts’ of those involved in the injustice will either be hardened further in God’s dealing with them, or softened. The latter is always God’s heart.
  • It will come AFTER He has had time to work situations to your good. The enemy took much time and much effort to network the injustice you may have encountered. Yet all the while, God was even then networking people and circumstances for your good. Romans 8:28 is a promise to the child of God, that God the Father is faithful to keep.
  • Our  RESTORATION is always a promise and a process. Everything the devil has been allowed to steal, God says I’ll restore in greater measure. Job was given a two-fold return.  Joel prophesied everything the enemy has stolen, God will give back.

Don’t expect God to give you back exactly what you had! Many people get hung up right here. Why would you want that? The enemy was able to steal it. Rather believe God for even greater things for His Name to be glorified. Let everything that happens to you be a “step up”, not a “step down” in life.

Be at peace and just keep walking.

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