Roses and Thorns

Abraham Lincoln said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” Life is a mixed bag of both the beautiful and the ugly. The comforting and the painful. In many ways life is like a rose-bush. There is plenty of beauty to behold in the midst of what may be very thorny situations.

In the Song of Solomon chapter 2 verses 1 & 2 the bride says I am a rose of Sharon, while the bridegroom replies, “…like a Lilly among thorns…”. In a New Testament context, Jesus is saying in spite of the thorns I will come to you. I will transplant you from the thorn bushes of life and give you eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus wasn’t able to do this without suffering the pain of a crown of thorns for you and I. Not in spite of, but rather because of our sin, He suffered the agonies of the cross. The “thorn-filled” whip, the thorny crown, and the “thorny nails” which pinned Him to the tree. Why? Because He chose to out of His great love for us. He chose not to see us as weeds to be thrown away but rather as “roses” and “lilies” that were worth the pain to get to and save.

Let me encourage you to go to the River Church Roanoke’s web site and listen to or down load the message “The Rose of Sharon”. This message had an incredible impact on the individuals who heard it. It is something I believe will bless you and comfort you as well.

Go to and click on media and then “The Rose of Sharon”. God has a word for you that will set you free to continually walk with Jesus in the midst of what may seem like a thorn filled life.

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