The Wreck

We got that phone call that no parent wants to get from their child. Thankfully the first words were, “I’m alright…”. However, when you hear those words the next are never good. And, in this situation they weren’t. “I’ve flipped my car and the rescue squad is taking me to the hospital.” For the next 90 minutes we are on our way to the hospital and sitting in the ER waiting room until they are done with the “triage” part of the examination. When we were finally allowed to go back and see her, we saw a long, swollen bruise down the entire side of her beautiful petite face and a bandaged bloodied hand.We brought her home shaken but whole. It could have been worse, must worse.

There are angels.

The next day I went to view the wrecked car and retrace her path on the road. What I saw sent shivers up my spine and caused a “thank you Jesus” to be uttered from my trembling lips of deep thanksgiving. I did say, “there are angels.”.

My daughter had just come down a long mountain grade, entered the flat part of the road with gentle curves and beautiful scenery.  Then suddenly, with absolutely no warning, her car goes sideways, hits a road sign, and flips over on its top at 55 mph. The culprit? Black Ice. The road was dry until she went into the shadows of a late evening curve. She had not time to react, only hold on for the wild ride she was about to take…and then deal as best she could with the aftermath and the help of some wonderful EMT’s who just happened to be coming down the road at the same time. They had seen the whole thing. When the police officer came he told our daughter there were no charges. Black ice was the cause for her wreck.

You’ll have to bear with me here, but the preacher kicks in from this point on. I can’t help but apply this to life. How many times have you made it through a difficult situation and thought you had “made it” through the most dangerous part, only to wreck in what should have been the safest?  After you have fought the good fight only to be blind sided by “black ice”. It could be a hidden circumstance you didn’t see coming. It could have been a well disguised trap of the enemy, hidden cleverly in the shadows by the devil to snare you after you thought you were safe.

Take heart my friend, there is a loving Father who knows all and sees all. He never sleeps nor slumbers. Whether you know it or not, He knows His hand is not too short to catch you…even when you wreck. You can not control everything that comes up along the road of life, but He can and does.  Others may want to place blame or fault, but God says it was just “black ice”, get back behind the wheel and drive on.

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