Bumper Sticker

I’m not much of a “bumper” sticker person myself. I’m not critical if you are, that’s fine, but it’s not for me. I don’t have any “Honk if you Love Jesus” or “Clergy” or “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter” stickers on my back bumper. For me, I don’t want people “honking” at me, I believe everyone is a priest before God so why put “clergy”, and the last place I want to put my “boss’ name” is just over the tailpipe…

Oh well…to the point. I saw one of those “Co-Exist” bumper stickers yesterday. You’ve seen them. The ones where the spelling is made up of the different symbols of the different religions. It sounds and looks good to the natural mind I suppose, and truthfully we all should learn to get along whether we agree or disagree on religion or politics. However, this “Co-Exist” bumper sticker means far more than living in peace. The heart of its meaning is that all “religions” lead to the one true God, which is blatantly false according to the scriptures.

Jesus said:

John 14:6 (NASB95)
6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

Peter declared:

Acts 4:12 (NASB95)
12 “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”

This “Co-Exist” bumper sticker was right beside another that read, “I like your Jesus but I don’t like Christians.” My first reaction was, “Wow, here you have a bumper sticker saying “Co-Exist” and then you declare you don’t like Christians!” I hope you will think about that for a moment and see the hypocrisy of these two stickers. It is the liberal mindset that really doesn’t mean what it says when it comes to Christians and christian belief’s.

Upon further reflexion, ( I had to follow this car some distance so I had no choice.) I thought how really sad. You like our Jesus but don’t like His followers. Does that mean the followers are keeping you from the Jesus you like? It’s sadly true in some cases I suppose. Or, could it be you don’t know enough about Jesus to know He was and is one of the most controversial individuals in all of human history. Could it be you don’t know this Jesus as much as you think you know Him, because He would never agree that all roads lead to the one true God. Especially after He gave His life on a cross to make the way open to all who will come to Him.

I pray this individual finds the real Jesus. The only one who loved them enough to die on a cross for them. I pray some Christian is able to breakthrough whatever passed hurts and roadblocks have come into this individual’s heart and mind, so they may see both the love of God and the real love that comes from followers of Christ…Christians.

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