Sandy Hook

I have taken my time in writing about the incredibly horrible event that took place in small town USA.  I, along with you, have watched in absolute disbelief as the news reports went from horrific to absolutely beyond comprehension. Words fail me in how to describe what that community experienced. Those of us who live in the shadow of the Virginia Tech massacre know a bit of how Sandy Hook and the surrounding communities really feel…to have such evil manifest in our midst. Even so, Sandy Hook is beyond fathomable, since this involved the murder of BABIES. The cold heart revealed in this act causes every sane individual to not just shake their heads, but to weep at a different level of empathy.

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Where was God?

What I am about to write is not meant to be a political statement. Politics cause nothing but confusion and nose counting for some cause we want to defend or defeat. It produces worthless discussions of side issues, yet the news media, the Democrats, the Republicans, the NRA, and all the rest will posture themselves to deal with everything but the real cause of this tragedy…the total disintegration of a society which once really believed in “God We Trust.”

We have taught our children they come from pre-historic ooze. We have told them there are no absolute truths when it comes to morality. We have told them “love” is nothing more than hormonal urges. We have encouraged violence from movies, television shows, video games, to domestic abuse, and to bullying. We have forbidden them to carry the Bible and pray in the schools in which they attend. We have basically taught them that IF there is a God, He is distant and cares little for the affairs of man. In short, we have quickly become a godless society.

What is happening though is more than just the disintegration of a society.  It is an assault against the human heart, the spirit in man given of God that desperately cries out for connection and redemption from its Creator. The spiritual forces of wickedness are doing their best to harden man’s heart to the point events like Sandy Hook can happen.

The young man who did such evil was apparently mentally ill. But as a society, we must not use this a cop-out any more than we can blame an assault rife that was used. Why? This young man was filled with hopelessness, offenses, hurts, and he evidently had no one who could give him psychological care and spiritual impartation – it takes a holistic approach. Not one or the other…but both spiritual and what the Bible describes as a “renewing of the mind.”

Where was God?

He was looking for us to do something! He has given us His Word, His Spirit, and His mandate for us to take dominion of the earth. In the New Testament that means to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and abide by the law of love. When we choose to do things God’s way, He will move heaven and earth on our behalf. If we don’t, He has no instruments to work through.

My heart breaks for the parents of those precious children and their families. My heart burns for a nation I dearly love to return to her foundational roots. one nation UNDER God. I pray to God above that we as a people will look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers at one another. The only place we should point is to God above and ask Him once more to restore us…and let it begin in me.

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