Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas Life Lesson

The truths of Christmas are many from the age-old prophecies being fulfilled, to the virgin birth, and to the reality that God came to us in the human flesh of Jesus. Christmas is truly the celebration of an incredible miracle…

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Sandy Hook

I have taken my time in writing about the incredibly horrible event that took place in small town USA.  I, along with you, have watched in absolute disbelief as the news reports went from horrific to absolutely beyond comprehension. Words…

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Faith and Fear

I am quiet certain that fear is one of the greatest weapons the enemy uses against God’s children. It keeps us from stepping out in faith and doing the things God puts in our hearts and minds to do. Fear…

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Led by the Spirit…Really?

Romans 8:14 (NASB95) 14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. According to the Apostle Paul, one of the marks of a believer is that we are to be “led” by the…

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Yeast Rolls and Biscuits

Hmmm…yeast rolls and biscuits. Yes, those are mouth-watering words. I remember growing up as a kid on the farm, where I awoke every morning to what we called “cat head” biscuits and gravy. Man, momma could make those biscuits! The…

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