Go Big or Go Home

“Go big or go home.”  These are the words I heard the Lord speak to me a couple of weeks ago as I was praying on my front porch. To be honest, I was having a “mini” faith crisis. I know my readers never have those, but I do at times. I had begun to look at the flooded rivers, the giants, and fortified cities of struggle that were before me in my new assignment from the Lord. In doing so, I then began to “scale back” the vision in my mind when I heard the Lord say again, “Go big or go home!” The words startled me a bit. They weren’t spoken in anger, but they were direct and to the point.

As with any word you believe you have received from the Lord, you must judge it by the Bible, allow others to discern with you as to its genuineness, and walk in it a bit to fully understand it’s relevance and purpose. For me the scriptures relating to the promised land crossing, don’t take your hand from the plow, and Jesus instructing the apostles to “Go and make disciples of all nations..” quickly came to mind. In other words, “Go big or go home.”

I am still in the process of “unpacking” and walking through all this means to me, but I also have come to understand this is a word for every pastor, child of God, church, and ministry. Go big with God in the journey or don’t go at all.

  • Go big with God in personal sacrifice, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus.
  • Go big with God in obedience to the kingdom principles of the NT and let God take care of the rest.
  • Go big with God and practice what you preach, teach and believe as the kingdom is not in words but in power.
  • Go big with God and believe that in Christ you can do all things.
  • Go big with God and believe you can move mountains by faith.
  • Go big with God and know the works Jesus did, you can do and greater works than these you can do because Jesus is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for you in every kingdom endeavor.
  • Go big with God and believe Him for signs, wonders, and miracles to testify to the risen Lord Jesus.

…My friend, step out of your comfort zone and “go big with God”, yet understand this isn’t a word to go make a name for yourself or your ministry. This isn’t a word of permission to go foolishly or fleshly. This is a word for those who understand what God has said to them and have counted the cost. “Go big or go home.” I pray you will choose to trust God and “go big” no matter the cost.

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