Diverse Destiny

The kingdom of God is BIG.

It’s larger in scope than anything you or I could ever fully imagine. It includes all that we can see and more importantly all that we can’t see with physical eyes. The sad truth is most of us rarely consider this fact. We are simply to wrapped up in our own personal life to consider there is more, way more to living in the kingdom than “us”. When we fail to consider the larger kingdom of God in which we reside, our own little circle of a world can become a self-made prison. Our perception of life has self-imposed boundaries that God never intended for us to have. It makes no difference whether you look in the Old Covenant or the New Covenant, God never intended for you and I to be “stuck” in our own little worlds. In Genesis chapter one God said, “…be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it, and rule…” 1:27 NASB. Jesus put it this way, “…Go and make disciples of all nations…”.

The Kingdom of God is DIVERSE.

It’s more diverse than many believers would like it to be. We tend to go for “sameness”. Why? It’s more familiar. It’s more comfortable. It’s more controllable. Yet, when we begin to understand the immensity of the kingdom we must accept the fact there are places we haven’t been and others may have. We begin to realize that being comfortable may really mean we’ve become complacent concerning the larger business of the kingdom. We likewise begin to accept the fact that we really can’t control what goes on in the kingdom because it has a King who over-rules us at times. Diversity in the kingdom is easy to see when we are willing to look at the diversity of gifts and callings that God puts on differing people for specific purposes. These purposes may NOT always fit our perception that says, “Everyone must be the same in the kingdom.”

The Kingdom is full of people fulfilling different destinies.

If we are willing to accept the fact that the kingdom of God is immense and has great diversity within it’s ranks, then we should have no problem with people who do things differently from us for the sake of the kingdom. When you accept that the kingdom is larger than even the Church, you can accept the truth that Christians may, in fact, have a larger destiny than filling a position or a pew on Sunday mornings! Who are we to judge another according to God’s destiny and purpose for them? Who are we to question God as to why some will do “this” and others will do “that”.

One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is found in John 21. It’s where Jesus takes Peter for a walk and tells him all he must face concerning his purpose and destiny in the Lord. Peter looks back over his shoulder at John and asks Jesus, “What about him?” (You do know we always want to know about the other fellow!) I’m paraphrasing when I say, Jesus basically said, “What’s that to you? You walk in the things I’ve destined for you and John will walk in  the things destined for him.”

The kingdom is big. The kingdom is diverse. The kingdom has a multiplicity of personal destinies to be fulfilled in this life. However, it’s still one kingdom and we as God’s children and kingdom citizens are still one people before Him!

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