Welcome to River Church

River Church Roanoke is unashamedly a Spirit-filled charismatic fellowship established in the belief that we are now entering into a last day’s revival of unprecedented proportions. We believe the prophet Joel who prophesied the latter rains would exceed the early rains. We believe the apostle Paul’s declaration that the Church should go from glory to glory by the Spirit. We believe there is yet to come a major ingathering of souls into the kingdom of God.

River Church Roanoke is biblically structured according to Ephesians chapter four as well as First and Second Timothy. We believe church structure is to serve the people, not people serving a structure. We believe every believer has a purpose to fulfill in the kingdom and the church’s responsibility is to train and then release them into a Spirit empowered life of service and ministry to Jesus.

River Church Roanoke is for all people thirsting for the life-giving flow of God’s Spirit. Having said that, we gear our ministry to the present generation believing they in particular are looking for relevant and authentic spiritual life in Christ. We refuse to compromise historic biblical truths, while not fearing methodologies that reach a new generation of believers.

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