“All Caved In”

Have you ever felt like your world has simply “caved in” upon you? I’m pretty sure most folks have experienced this at one time or another in their lives. Things are going along smoothly and then suddenly there is more than a “pothole” in the road before you. Life can be like that at times. If it was true of biblical characters, it will be true of us. That’s what I like about the Bible. It doesn’t “varnish” over things. It presents them head on…raw in content at times.

There were two prominent men in the Old Testament who found themselves literally “all caved in”. Both David and Elijah found themselves hiding in a cave for a season. This happened to both men after major victories in their lives and when they least expected it. The scriptures are found in 1 Sam. 22:1-2 and 1 Kings 19:9-21. David’s cave experience came after successfully serving King Saul for several years. Elijah’s came after calling fire down from heaven, killing 900 false prophets, and ending a seven-year drought. Both men ended up running for their lives and ending up literally hiding in a cave.

Go figure, uh? Why would God allow such a thing? The question begs for an answer.

First is spiritual warfare. There are two times the people of God are most vulnerable in life and we don’t always realize it. When something is just beginning, and the other is after a great victory when we let our guard down. Don’t ever call the devil “stupid” when it comes to his dealings with man. He is a master schemer. You and I must NEVER let our guard down when it comes to dealing with the things of the world. Peace and rest is only truly found when we are in the presence of the Lord.

Second is in God’s repositioning of our lives. This truth is most profound in King David’s life. God had no intentions of allowing David to live out his days under the House of Saul. God’s destiny and purpose for his life were far greater. God allowed David to literally be driven from Saul’s presence so He could deal with Saul. Both Saul and Jonathan would be killed in battle. David was not to be numbered among the dead.

Third is God dealing with the “inner life” of both these men. They would be reminded of the sovereignty of God. They would be stripped down to the very core of their being. Their faith would be taken back to its very foundation. Both these men would cry out to God like never before. Elijah’s is written within the text for us to see. David poured his heart out to God in two Psalms, 142 & 57.

Fourth, God would bring them out of the cave to do even greater works. Elijah would anoint a king to kill Jezebel and raise up Elisha who would do even greater works than he had done. David would come out of that cave with a small, but powerful army and establish the Kingdom of David, a type of the Lord Jesus and the present state of His kingdom today.

Are you “all caved in”? Let God have His perfect work done in your life. Let Him cocoon you in His love. Go through the changes He needs to bring forth so you may accomplish your next assignment. It’s always for the better. Your best days are not behind you, but rather ahead of you, if you will walk with God through the processing.

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