Loving Jesus

I have come to really love the man called Jesus. At the risk of being misunderstood, I have always loved Jesus for what He did for me, yet it’s “easy” to love what someone has done for you when it is of such great value. The Passion of Christ, the crucifixion, the death and burial, and then the incredible resurrection was all done for you and I. It was all done so you and I could have our sins eternally washed away in the blood of Jesus. It was all done so this amazing thing called GRACE could cover our lives and ENABLE us to walk through life with God’s favor.

But there is more to loving Jesus than simply loving HIm for what He has done for us. He saved us so we could have both relationship and fellowship with Him through life. So my question is, “Do you love Jesus, the God-man?” Do you love the “person of Christ” for who He is in your life today?

Philippians 3:10 (NASB95)
10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death;

Paul said his spiritual journey was to come to know Christ in every respect. Right down to being a part of His sufferings and being conformed to His death. Literally dying with Christ so the resurrection power of Christ could live in Him. In the larger context he said that he left everything behind to both know and follow Christ.

Don’t make these words mere religious jargon or theory. Don’t approach this with some “pie in the sky” theology that says if I come to really know Jesus that He will walk with me down some primrose path, or a yellow brick road in some fantasy land. No, no! Read Paul’s words again, “that I might know Him…the fellowship of His sufferings…”

The demands to know and follow Jesus are great. It was Jesus who said to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him. It was Jesus who said if they did it to me they will do it to you. It is only after you begin to experience these things that you come to realize whether or not you truly love Jesus. It’s one thing to love a Savior. That’s easy. It’s another to love THE LORD Jesus as He walks us through the valley’s of this world and life.

I have come to really love Jesus. The more I go through what little suffering I have to experience, the more I love Him, even when I realize the suffering I experienced was because He ultimately led me to it and through it. Once you gain that knowledge of the Lord, you are truly able to give thanks in all things and you fall deeper in love with Him with every step. He’s identifying more and more with you as you identify more and more with Him. Oh the sweet aroma of the sacrifice…the privilege to know Him in every way.

Be at peace.

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