Destiny Decisions

Destiny decisions. We all make them. When we are young we do not always realize the importance of major decisions in our lives. In some ways there is still time in our youth to “miss it” and regroup. That is part of the maturing process. However the farther along we go in life the more important it is to both realize and recognize destiny moments in our individual lives. Anyone in their late forties to early fifties has come to the realization that whatever the Lord and I want to do with the rest of our lives, we must do it.

Here are some thing I have learned over the last year or so which has shaped destiny choices for me.

  1. Seek God intently when your spirit is stirred. Ask Him to either “settle you down” or to “stir the desire stronger” in your heart. He honor’s that prayer more than you may realize. Ultimately, destiny decisions must be made with your own heart before God. No one else is responsible for you and your life destiny, but you. We must walk by the Spirit.
  2. Surrender everything you are and everything you have to Him in the process. In the beginning this seems easy because as we have walked with the Lord in the past, we have been willing from time to sacrifice for “special” events. However, when it comes to destiny choices, it goes far deeper. Are you willing to surrender all to move ahead with what God is stirring? Earlier in my life I thought this would get easier and easier. Surely maturity made sacrifice easier. My experience is it becomes harder and harder. Security becomes a greater issue to us as we age. Therefore the abandonment to God may require more and more. Think of Abraham! At 75 God told him to move his homeland. At 75 God told him his wife who was barren would still have a child at 65. The fulfillment didn’t come until Abraham was 100 and Sara was 90! The cost for Abraham to follow his destiny was longer and more painful than he ever imagined. Remember, God even asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son as a type of God the Father and Jesus. And yet Abraham is the “father of our faith”, the prototype of the NT believer.
  3. Seek godly counsel from everyone you know to be spiritually minded. These men and women will give you a collective insight. And, their advice may be varied. That is why you must look for a common thread in all they say. If one or another has no common thread, set it aside for the time being, but don’t throw it away. That uncommon thread, that piece which looks out of place in the beginning may very well find its place further down the path of destiny as you walk it.
  4. Pay attention to any prophecy given you…especially from those “outside” who have no real “dog in the hunt”. I am not saying those closest to you don’t have a timely or correct word. Yet experience has taught me those closest to us may be too involved with their own emotions to speak clearly a word from God. However, those who speak from outside, “out of the blue”, I pay not only careful attention to, but will also move upon much fast if they agree with those around me saying the same thing.
  5. Make your decision based upon your heart, the leading of the Holy Spirit as best you can discern it, and the path which seems to have opened before you…even though it may be the more difficult. That is the kicker. I remember Dr. Ron Carpenter speaking at a pastor’s conference earlier in 2012. He said the greatest destiny moments of His life required him to take the far more difficult path presented. They were choices which to others looked like “dead-end” paths, but which in reality were a path which brought him to be Bishop of the entire IPHC denomination. I will never forget his words. For some reason they burned into my spirit.
  6. Cut all “soul” ties. By that I mean, some relationships must be let go. This is by far the most difficult. It seems to even be cruel. Here becomes the issue: many who have walked with you to a point, will not be able to walk with you into the next thing. There are a multiplicity of reasons for this. For some, God is not leading them in the same way. For others, they refuse to cut the soul ties and will even become angry at you for doing so. Let them go and you go ahead. Your destiny awaits you as does theirs.
  7. Prepare for a journey. Following destiny is always a journey, an adventure as I like to say. You never know what is just over the top of the next mountain you may have to climb. But one thing is certain, it’s what God has for you.It will be fulfilling. If you do this in the latter part of your life…it will be God’s exclamation point you wouldn’t want to miss.
  8. Lastly, don’t burn bridges, but never look back. You do not what to go back, but you want to make sure others have bridges to get to you. I have found that is God’s way. It’s the way of genuine love. The truth is, you are not leaving people, you are simply following God. Everyone should have that right and privilege.

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