Deception part 2

The Bible has much to say about deception. As I said in a previous post (see “Deception”) this is by far the most effect weapon of the our adversary the devil. He deceived the woman to the point of denying the “truth” God had given her. Remember the Word records the woman as saying, “The serpent deceived me and I ate.” in Genesis 3:13. She realized what had happened the moment the presence of  God showed up. Both she and Adam were immediately convicted and hid themselves. However, knowing they couldn’t hide from God forever, they did their best to “cover their butts” with leaves. Somehow they understood they could not face God without being exposed. The blame game began, they turned on one another. Marital bliss ended forever for them.

How did the serpent of old accomplish this? In secrecy. He caught the woman separated from her husband. Though the scriptures don’t say, I can see the women busy in some way in the garden when she hears the “whisper of the snake” bidding her to come closer. Once he pulled her close, he gave her “twisted truth”. He deceived her by using the Word of God in such a way as to twist it and discredit it.

Have you ever been deceived by a “silver-tongued” devil? I have. Most of us have I would say at one time or another. Do you know why that happens? Because we do not go back to the source to find out what is true. If the woman would have gone back to Adam, if Adam had gone back to God to make sure of what God said…we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today.

The devil is powerless to deceive us if we will just retrace our steps to the source of the original words spoken. If you and I will have the courage to go back to the source and get truth, we will see the devil trying to cover his butt rather than we having to cover our’s for being duped. This is in any situation you find yourself in in life. The devil seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. If a flat-out lie won’t work, then maybe a so-called “half truth” will do the trick.

Our discernment tells us when something is wrong. Yes it does. When something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. It at least deserves our further investigation. When the answers we are given are vague, know there is a cover-up. The silver-tongued devil is still at work. The serpent in the garden was BEAUTIFUL…so the devil appears as an angel of light. Only those who have been bitten by him know the hiss when no one is looking.

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